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Stay tuned: IFLYtheworld.com app

We are developing our own IFLYtheworld.com app. In this app we want to make it possible to browse through all our destinations and make one destination offline available on your device, so you can use it while travelling without the need of an Internet connection.
Besides this we will put a lot of other useful stuff in our app for everybody who flies the world!

Our app will be available soon. Do you have great ideas for this app to make it very useful and unique? Send us your feedback!
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The most useful app to find your way in many public transport systems around the world is Metro. Just download the map of your destination in advance and use it offline while you are there.

There are several options to find your way. Use stations, points of interest or your current location as your starting point or destination.

Download the app for Apple devices here. (unfortunately this app is not available for other devices)
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We’re using this app since a while and we are already so used to it, that we think: how did we manage before? Citymaps2Go is without a doubt the best way to find your way in almost 7000 cities in the world.

To use this app there is no data roaming or wifi required. You can download your map in advance and use everything offline. Your GPS does the rest.

You can pin your own points of interest at the map and the app works in combination with all point of interest from Wikitravel. This info will show up on the maps.

Download Citymaps2Go for Apple users. Download Citymaps2Go for Android users. There is also a free light version available if you want to try it first.
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Currency converter
How much is that in Euro, Chilean Peso, Botswana Pula, South Korean Won or whatever currency? Don’t think anymore. Add the currencies you need to convert and let this app do the work for you.
Here’s the app for Apple. And here’s the app for Android.
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Not really useful but still funny and addictive for world travellers. In this app you can see how much you've travelled the last week, month and year. Just open the app every time you arrive somewhere and the app will give you all the information.
Download it here for iPhone.
Tip calculator
How much tip do we need to give? And how much is that if we split the bill? Tip Calculator solves all these problems immediately. Give in the check amount, how many people who want to split and the service level.
Download the app for apple.
Download the app for Android.
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We fly the world, and we like to stay somewhere overnight as well. What are the best places available at your destination? Or the cheapest, most luxurious, best location, with specific facilities… Our most used app to book rooms anywhere in the world is Booking.com.

To download the booking.com for your device click here.
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Weather is one of the most important factors of the success of our travels. So a accurate weather forecast is absolutely necessary.

Weather Underground is one of the best weather apps in our opinion so we say: use it. (Even though the weather often remains unpredictable, unfortunately.)

At this page you can download the app for most devices.
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You wake up in the middle of the night. Where are you? What time is it? Or you want to call your relatives at the other end of the world, but what time is it there actually? For all these problems you need Worldclock.
You can add and remove as much locations as you like. You’ll see the time at those locations and the time difference to UTC/GMT.

The app offers very useful information for photographers as well as the app mentions what time is sunrise and sunset.

Download the app here for Apple devices. Or download a similar one for Android.
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Looking for a flight ticket? Compare flights from most airlines with Skyscanner. Book your flights direct with the airline or travel agent and get the best deals.

It’s independent, simple and finds the cheapest fares in seconds, wherever you want to fly.

Download the app for all devices here.

Do you know a great app we should mention in our Apps page? Send us an e-mail.

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