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Picnic in the garden (½ day)
Of course when you’re in South Africa you have to drink wine, but even beter you drink it at a vineyard itself. So let’s make a wine tour just outside Cape Town. The wine area around Franschhoek and Stellenbosch is absolutely amazing and there are lots of vineyards.

Just out of the town of Stellenbosch is a vineyard called Boschendal. The farm is situated in a beautiful garden and for about 95 Rand you can enjoy a lovely picnic there. The price is exclusive the wine. So go to the ‘taphuis’ first, where you do a wine tasting for 15 Rand. After the tasting you can select your bottle of wine for your picnic easily. If you want to do the picnic at Boschendal, make sure you will be there before 2.30 pm otherwise you’re too late.

A tour to this region can be done in one day from Cape Town. Just rent a simple car and drive yourself to Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Don’t forget they’re driving on the left hand side!

Moby Dick (1 day)
In the sea around Cape Town are many Whales during from June till the beginning of December. So you should go for whale spotting. One of the best spots to do so is the sea in front of the town of Hermanus.
Rent a car in Cape Town and drive there yourself. De route from Cape Town to Hermanus is really beautiful. Out of town take the N2 east and go right at Gordons Bay to drive along Chapmans Peak Drive all the way along the coast. It’s an amazing tour.

You can sea the ‘Southern Right Whales’ mostly already from shore but of course you have to go in a boat. A good tour operator in Hermanus for that is Southern Right Charters. Boats are leaving at 7 am, 9 am, 12 noon and 3 pm. A boat ride costs about 300 Rand. And besides whales there’s a good chance you will see dolphins, sea lions and penguins as well.

Good hope (1 day)
One of the most famous spots in South Africa is Cape of Good Hope. In about one and a half hour drive from Cape Town you will be there.

There are two beautiful spots to go there and they’re both worth a visit. Cape point is high above sea level and from there you have a wonderful view at the sea and surroundings. You can take a walk to the most southern point of the cape. The signs tell you the walk is one and a half hour, but it can be done in about 45 minutes. At the parking place, beware of the baboons, or ‘bobejanen’ as they are called in Afrikaans. They are dangerous and will attack you if they smell food, so don’t bring any.

The other nice spot is ‘Kaap de Goede Hoop’ at sea level. Have a look at the sea and image the ancestors of the Europeans pass by in there wooden ships. Don’t be amazed when an ostrich is disturbing your view and fantasy. The area is a nature reserve, so you have to pay for it, 110 Rand per car.

Smelly penguins (2 hrs)
When you go to Cape of Good Hope, you should go to sea a very special penguin colony in Simonstown as well. In 1983 a group of so called ‘African Jackass Penguins’ settled here and the group was expanding. Because there were so many penguins and the gardens of the inhabitants were eaten bare, they ‘pushed’ back the penguins to one spot, the Boulders Colony.

It’s halfway the village and you can’t miss it, the signs are everywhere. The entrance fee is 15 Rand per person. Bring a clothes-pin for your nose, because the animals smell like hell. But when you look at the beautiful, funny now and then clumsy animals, you forget the smell. And look careful under your car before you leave…

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