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Sandton shopping mall (1 - 3 hrs)
Johannesburg Sandton
The best place for shopping is in Johannesburg’s suburb Sandton. This area is relatively safe and there’s a wonderful shopping mall with many restaurants and bars as well.
Located in Sandton's prestigious Central Business District, Sandton City offers an exciting shopping and leisure experience with over 300 shops in breathtaking surroundings. More information about shops, events and opening hours can be found here.

Butcher Shop & Grill (2 hrs)
Johannesburg Butcher
South African beef is leaner in natural fat (11 percent) than beef from the USA (33 percent) and Europe (23 percent). And the taste of the meat is like nowhere else in the world. So you have to try this. A great place in Sandton where you should try this is the Butcher Shop & Grill. This restaurant uses ‘aged meat’. The meat is hung in carcass for up to three days; thereafter the rump, sirloin, fillet, rib eye, t-bone and prime rib are ‘wet aged’ for approximately 21 days.

Of course they serve great lamb, chicken and fish as well. But you have to try their beef. They also have a great wine assortment to accompany your lunch or dinner and to take away. And, as it is a butcher shop in the first place, you can order your meat to take away. The Butcher Shop is located at shop 30, Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, Johannesburg. Call them for a reservation at +2711 784 8676.

Buy South African Wines (1hr)
Johannesburg Boulevard Cellars
There are many South African Vineyards and of course you like to bring some wines home. A great place to buy your wines in Johannesburg is Boulevard Cellars Rivonia. They have a huge assortment and the prices are very reasonable.

And, even better, if you call them, they will pick you up from your hotel, wrap your bottles so they won’t break in your luggage, and after your shopping they send you back to your hotel.
The address is 333 Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia, Johannesburg. Phone: +27 11 803 6808/6121.

Sun City (1 day)
Next to the Pilanesberg Park is a weird place: Sun City. It’s not a real city but an If you had enough of all the game drives, go here and hang out for a day. Here’s a movie about Sun City made by our own IFLYtheworld.com crew members.

Melrose Arch (2 hrs)
A new and already very popular place for shopping, dining and much more is Melrose Arch. It’s not an ordinary shopping mall, it’s build like old fashioned shopping streets, but brand new. The shops are open from 9 am to 6 pm. Only on Sundays and public holidays the shops close at 4 pm. And after you did your shopping you can continue in one of many restaurants and bars.

Melrose Arch is located in Sandton, just outside downtown Johannesburg. From the city you take the M1 North towards Sandton. Take the Corlett Drive Off ramp. Turn left at the end of the off ramp. Turn left just after the BP garage on your left hand-side into Melrose Boulevard. You are now in the Melrose Arch Complex. If you are already staying in Sandton, it is a five to ten minutes drive.

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