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Here is a movie about Kampala. This movie will give you a quick impression of the destination. The movie is produced for IFLYtheworld.com by bluepig.nl.

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Jinja, Beginning of the Nile (1 day)
Kampala 1
River Nile is the longest river in Africa with Lake Victoria as its source. The river starts it 6,500km journey to the Mediterranean Sea (Egypt) beside Jinja town. Jinja is a two hours drive away from Kampala.
There are many activities in Jinja. Of course you have to visit the source of the Nile by boat. This is a very easy and relaxing tour, suitable for everyone. You also can go Bungee jumping, rafting or quad riding. You will find these tips down on this page. Perhaps you should make a combination of several activities.
But if you don’t want to be very active you can just make a tour to the source of the Nile. Arrange a driver with a car or minivan in Kampala. Tell him to bring you to the source of the Nile and ask him to stop at a local market on your way and, if possible, to stop at a local witch doctor. That’s a very particular experience.
Depending on the number of persons this tour will cost you about $50 to $100 per person.

Rafting on River Nile (½ - 1 day)
Kampala 2
If you like to do something really active in Uganda, go rafting on the Nile River. You can do this with Adrift, an operator located near the town of Jinja, about two hours drive from Kampala. A tour is including transfer from and to your hotel in Kampala.
Before you start you get a briefing and a safety drill. Then you start your thrilling experience. You are in a group in the boat together with a very experienced boatman. The morning tour is the roughest part. After that you can relax with a lunch. In the afternoon the rapids are more remote so that means a lot more paddling. At the finish is a small BBQ. If you do a full day tour, you cover 31 km of the Nile. But you can also do only the morning part.
Don’t bring anything except your rafting clothes. No cameras of course, but there’s a photographer coming with the tour as well, which will deliver a wonderful CD with your pictures the next day.
A full day rafting is $125, and if you like to do only a half-day, this will cost you $115. They also have many other tours like family rafting and tours for several days. For more information about those tours and rates, check their website.

Uganda Museum (1½ hr)
As every capitol in the world, Kampala has a national museum as well, Uganda Museum. The museum displays Uganda's cultural heritage where one can see ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions. It is a vivid reminder of the country's colorful past. One of its most interesting features is the collection of traditional musical instruments, which one is free to play.
It’s nice to see, but don’t expect much. Sometimes the rooms are very dark, signs in the showcases are missing or you have no idea why it is in the museum anyway. But it doesn’t matter, it is Africa and you still get an idea about the history of Uganda. The museum is located on a hill in Kampala at 5-7 Kira Road.

Nile high Bungee (½ hr)
An absolute beautiful spot to go Bungee jumping is in Jinja; about two hours drive from Kampala. Nile High Bungee is one of the most spectacular sights you can imagine. The views from the bungee tower are sensational and when the tower is not in use for jumping a troop of Vervet monkeys stand guard against the Nile.
Nile High is 44m above the inviting waters of the Victorian Source of the Nile and this gives jumpers the opportunity to water touch, a single splash in the river on the first bounce. Imagine being able to say that you jumped for 44 meters for your first touch of the world’s longest river.
Nile High Bungee tower operates to the most exacting standards set by law in Australia/New Zealand Standard™ Code of Practice for bungee jumping. The operator is Adrift, which also operates the rafting tours; so contact them for more information. A Bungee jump is $65 and a jump will take you about half an hour. A combination of Bungee jump and rafting is $180. Try to arrange a trip that includes transportation form and to Kampala, as a taxi to Kampala is approximately $100.

Gospel Church (2 hrs)
A great activity for sunday morning is to go to a local church. There are several churches where you can enjoy a wonderful gospel service every sunday morning. Watoto Church is a huge church in the centre of Kampala. It is located at Plot 87, Kampala Road. There are services at 8 am, 10 am, 12 pm and 2 pm.
Watoto is an English speaking community church, so that’s easy for foreigners. Unfortunately the priest is a foreigner as well.
Mostly the service starts with a concert of really wonderful choir. Our IFLY crew members were there on Palm Sunday and made a small movie to give you an impression.

Quad riding at Bujagali Falls (2 hrs)
Kampala 3
If you don’t like the water of Nile River but do like to do something active, go quad riding. Based at the main gate to Bujagali Falls, you will find All Terrain Adventures, ‘East Africa’s Centre for Adventure’.
You can drive yourself and you require no previous experience. A tour is fully supported with very experienced Ugandan guides. Ride free, a warm African breeze on your face and all your worries will be blown away.
After comprehensive training and preparation, you will find yourself exploring the beautiful stretches beside the River Nile, from the source at Lake Victoria, north towards Lake Kyoga. Safaris range from 1 hour to 4 days. Tours can be scheduled to run at any time that suits you. More information about options and prices can be found at their website.
The most popular trip is a 2 hours trip. A free training session is included before the trip starts so you need to allow about 2 and half hours to complete. This will cost approximately $62. And of course you need to arrange you transportation from Kampala to Jinja.

Speke Hotel (1½ hr)
A very nice hotel in the heart of Kampala is Kampala Speke Hotel. One of the reasons that Speke is very nice is the wonderful restaurants they have.
There’s a great Italian restaurant, managed by Italians. They serve good pizzas, pastas and continental food. In Speke hotel you will also find Khyber Pass, an Indian-style restaurant. They serve great tandooris, kebabs and rotis. And next to the Indian is a lovely Mongolian BBQ. So for food and drinks, you are at the right spot in Speke hotel.

Kasubi Tombs (1½ hr)
Kampala 4
There are many kingdoms in Uganda, and the largest one is the Buganda Kingdom. There still is a king, but he has no political power. His function is only ceremonial.
At the Kasubi Tombs, situated on a hill within Kampala, you can learn a lot about this kingdom. It is the burial ground for the last four ‘Kabakas’ and it is a very important religious centre for the royal family. The site is added to UNESCO world heritage list.
You can visit these tombs and get a tour from a very well English-speaking guide. They will tell you all about the kingdom and the history of Uganda. They planned to rebuild other old houses at the compound and show more of the traditional life and handicraft.
A visit at Kasubi Tombs will take you about an hour. Just take a taxi to Kasubi Tombs. The entrance fee is very small.

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