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Lilayi Lodge (1 day)
Lusaka Lilayi
Lilayi lodge is only 30 minutes drive outside the city. It is located in a green oasis where you can relax while you enjoy the lush vegetation, the pool, and a good glass of wine or gorgeous dishes.
The lodge has a great restaurant with dishes made of local products from the farm next door. During weekends the lunch can be very busy, sometimes they have several shifts for lunch at noon and at 2 pm. But the food is worth waiting for.

It is advisable to make a reservation for lunch. Call them at +260 211 840435/6 or send them an email. More information about the lodge can be found at their website.
A visit to the lodge is wonderful in combination with a visit tot Lilayi Elephant Nursery, which is mentioned in our Activities & Sights section.

Cairo Road & Soweto Market (0 hrs)
Lusaka Cairo Road
Lusaka itself has not much to offer for tourists. But there are some places you might want to visit. In the area around Cairo Road are many shops and markets. At Cairo Road itself are lot of shops and banks. Two blocks behind this road is the indoor City Market and Soweto market is the market behind the building in the open air.

But the area is not really safe. Only go to the shopping district if you really have to be there and never walk alone. Bring as less valuables as you can, no jewellery, watches, cameras and expensive sports shoes. Only bring a bit of pocket money. But the best advice we can give actually is: don't go there. Most people living in Lusaka prefer to go outside the city.

Best steak restaurant in Lusaka (2 hrs)
Lusaka Steaks n Grills
Steaks ‘n’ Grills restaurant in Taj Pomodzi Hotel is our favourite steak restaurant in town. The menu is a bit limited but the steaks are absolutely amazing. Under an African thatched roof and open windows overlooking the pool, this restaurant gives a rustic and ethnic ambience complimented by the Jazz Band.

The hotel is located at Mwaimwena Road in Lusaka. The opening hours are from 7 pm to 12 midnight daily. For reservations call Tel: (260) 211 254455.

Manda Hill mall (1-2 hrs)
Lusaka Manda Hill 2
Manda Hill is a huge modern shopping mall outside the city centre. It is located at Great East Road (the road to the airport) nearby Radisson Blu Hotel.

From top class restaurants to brilliant jewellery stores to fashion, electronics and tons more, Manda Hill mall offers a little bit to make everyone happy. Go to the store directory to what you can buy in this mall. The mall has a huge car park as well. At this website you can check the opening hours as well, but roughly it is from 9 am to 5 pm.

Levy Junction Shopping Mall (1-2 hrs)
Lusaka Levy Junction
There is another shopping centre in Lusaka: Levy Junction Shopping Mall. It is named after Zambia’s third president, the late Levy Mwanawasa. Levy Junction is a place where people can shop, play, eat and work.

The mall contains many stores and boasts many well-known names, including Woolworths, Mr Price, Nine West, Guess, KFC, Pick n Pay grocery store.

The location of the mall is at the intersection of Church and Kabelenga roads in downtown Lusaka nearby Cairo Road. It is in the centre of the city so be very careful when going there.

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