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Here’s a movie about Almaty. This movie will give you a quick impression of the destination. The movie is produced for IFLYtheworld.com by bluepig.nl.

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Fantasy World (3 hrs)

At Abai Avenue, nearby Central Stadium is a nice amusement park, Fantasy World.
It’s a big permanent fair with a big wheel, rollercoaster and a wonderful ghost house with real people inside. This ghost house is quite unique. It’s huge and you walk through it yourself. The ‘ghosts’ who work there are running around with hammers and chain saws to scare you to death. Even if you go to Fantasy World only to experience the ghost house, it’s worth it.
Next to Fantasy World is the Circus and a circus school. If they have a show, you have to go there. It is wonderful.

Cable Car (2 hrs)

Almaty 2
At Dostyk Avenue you will find Republic Palace. Next to the palace is a wonderful cable car to Koktyube, the mountains which are surrounding Almaty.
The cable car costs 1500 KZT for a return. The view is absolutely stunning. You see how green this city is and how beautiful the surrounding mountains are. Upstairs is a lot to do, like a fast coaster, climbing wall, viewing platform, some restaurants, a shooting-platform, art gallery and much more.

Kazakhstan Hotel (2 hrs - unlimited)

Almaty 1
One of the most wonderful hotels in Almaty is Hotel Kazakhstan. It’s the largest building in the city. It is a famous landmark all over Almaty, and serves as a symbol of the city. From the rooms you have a great view on the city and the mountains around the city.
The hotel has some wonderful restaurants and the Guns & Roses grill bar has a great terrace where you can eat outside.
For more information, the hotel has a very nice website as well.

Restaurants in Almaty (2 hrs)

Almaty 3
Dostyk Avenue is a big street that crosses Almaty from Medeo all the way to Panvilov Park. At this street are many good restaurants situated. At number 48 is Passione Italiana. This one of the most beautiful decorated restaurants with several dining rooms. And the food has a real Italian taste. The chef was not born in Italy, but at least he was trained in Italy. For reservations call +7 (727) 293 9430
At Dostyk number 50 you’ll find restaurant Thai, an absolute great restaurant. Only the name is confusing as they have a Thai menu but a Japanese restaurant as well. You can call them at: +7 (727) 291 0190.

Panvilov Park (1 - 2 hrs)

Almaty 4
Almaty has wide avenues, not many high-rise buildings and in spring and summer the city is very green. The city has many parks where the local people like to spend their time during summer. A very beautiful park is Panvilov Park at the end of Dostyk Avenue.
Inside the park are some beautiful buildings, like the colourful Cathedral of the Holy Ascension, the Museum of Musical instruments and a War memorial. Zenkov designed the Cathedral, which is also called Zenkov Cathedral, back in 1904. It looks very nice along with the flowered gardens aside it. This is one of the few buildings remaining in Almaty from Tsar era. All the rest were destroyed along the revolutions and wars.
You can drive around in a horse cart, relax and eat some snacks from a food stall.

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