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Restaurant Nobunaga (1 hr)

Fukuoka Nobunaga
A great place to try Japanese BBQ (skewers) is restaurant Nobunaga. It is located in downtown Tenjin area at Kokutai Road opposite the Apple store (at the T-junction with Tenjin Nishi-Dori Avenue). The place is open daily from 5 pm.

When you enter you have to take your shoes off and place them in a locker. There's no English menu but it's easy to choose from the skewers behind the counter. Make your choice and they will BBQ it for you. The waiters are very friendly and even though they speak hardly any English they are very helpful. And remember: cash only in this restaurant.

Tenjin District (1-2 hrs)

Fukuoka Tenjin
Tenjin is the downtown area of Fukuoka. From Tenjin you get access to transportation and accommodation. Here you can also enjoy Japanese cuisines and shopping.

Around Tenjin Station you will find many shopping malls and shopping streets where you can shop till you drop. This is the place to do your high-end shopping. All mayor brands have their shops in this area. Definitely visit shopping centres like Solaria, Iwataya and the underground Shopping Arcade.

Underground Shopping Arcade (1-2 hrs)

Fukuoka Underground Shopping
If the sun is burning in summer and you still like to do some shopping you should go to the Underground Shopping Arcade in the downtown Tenjin area in Fukuoka.

In two underground shopping streets under Tenjin station you will find many small fashion boutiques, coffee shops and shops selling cosmetics. There are entrances to subway Kuko line and subway Nanakuma line and Tenjin Bus Center from the Shopping Arcade. The shops are open from 10 am to 8 pm.

Daimyo district (1-2 hrs)

Fukuoka Daimyo
In the Daimyo district, west of Tenjin, you will find many fancy boutiques for hipsters and lovely bars and restaurants.

This is the perfect place to buy your funky Japanese stuff or visit a trendy bar. The Shops, Daymio, for example has four floors with bars and restaurants including a wine bar.

Restaurant Tetsunabe Gyoza (1-2 hrs)

Fukuoka Tetsunabe
One of the most famous dumpling restaurants in Fukuoka is Tetsunabe Gyoza. The place is open only for dinner from 6 pm.

Tetsunabe is located nearby Naka-Gawa River next to Excel Hotel Tokyu in the small street opposite Tenjin Central Park. When you are facing the street from the river it is on the right hand side. It is not the restaurant at the corner; it is the second place on the right.

They only have a Japanese menu so ordering can be a bit challenging. You have to order their signature dish ‘Pork Gyoza’ for sure! Perhaps our IFLY picture menu can be helpful while ordering. If you can read Japanese, this is their website.

Canal City shopping (1-3 hrs)

Fukuoka Canal City
Fukuoka consists of two parts; everything west of Nakagawa River is Fukuoka and everything east is Hakata. Along the banks of the river on the Hakata side you will find a wonderful shopping mall: Canal City.

This lovely building houses many shops, restaurants, a theatre, an Imax theatre and a fountain show, which starts every hour sharp and the famous Ramen Stadium of course. An English version of their website, including a floor guide can be found here.

The shops are open from 10 am to 9 pm and the restaurants from 11 am to 11 pm.

Ramen Stadium (1-2 hrs)

Fukuoka Ramen Stadium
Hakata Ramen is Fukuoka’s most famous food. It is a Japanese noodle soup dish, which consists of wheat noodles served in a pork-bone tonkotsu broth.

Ramen Stadium is a collection of ramen shops located in a special section of the Canal City shopping complex. Ramen from different regions of Japan (with different toppings, not only pork) can be enjoyed here including Hakata ramen of course.

Go to the 5th floor in the south building of Canal City to Ramen Stadium where eight famous ramen restaurants can be found. Select your restaurant, buy your dish at the vending machine outside and have your delicious meal inside. The restaurants are open from 11 am to 11 pm.

(There are also hawker stalls outside the building along Naka River selling Hakata Ramen. These shops are not really hygienic. We advice to enjoy your noodles in Ramen Stadium.)

Yanagibashi Market (1-2 hrs)

Fukuoka Yanagibashi
A lovely local market in downtown Fukuoka is Yanagibashi Market (also called ‘Hakata’s Kitchen’). It is a small covered arcade filled with seasonable produce like fish, vegetables, meat and sweets.

Besides the market there is a small Manu coffee shop at the riverside but one thing absolutely not to miss is the famous Yanagibashi Burger. There is only one shop selling this famous. When coming from the river it is halfway the arcade on the right-hand side. Take a single or double fish patty on a fried bun with sauce and lettuce. It is absolutely delicious.

The market is located along the Naka River at the corner of Sumiyoshi-dori Avenue and Naka-gawa River. It is open 6 days a week (closed on Sundays) from 10 am to 5 pm.

Momochi Seaside Park and beach (1-2 hrs)

Fukuoka Momochi Beach
Around Fukuoka Tower you will find Momochi Seaside Park, which includes a wide manmade beach. This is a perfect place for sunbathing and there are many restaurants, BBQ places and (beach) bars. Here you can enjoy a romantic view of the urban coastal area during sunset.

The Wedding Island Marizon is located within just one-minute walk from Fukuoka Tower. Around this pier are all bars and restaurants located. This is a very popular place among young couples.

Money, money money!

Fukuoka Money
Getting money can be a problem in Fukuoka. ATM's are often not working with foreign cards. Many places tell you credit cards are accepted but it doesn’t always work, so don’t rely on that. (For example: a taxi with yellow sign 'OK' on top accepts credit cards, but their machines are often offline). So the best advice we can give you is: bring cash!

If you want to exchange your money to Japanese Yen in Tenjin, banks are most convenient. Most banks offer the service basically from 9 am to 3 pm, but the Tenjin branch of Fukuoka Bank offers the service from 9 am to 5 pm at the Foreign Currency Exchange Shop.

Exchange service is also available at or near the following facilities; Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port International Terminal and JR Hakata station. Remember that a service charge is required at any of these facilities.

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