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Koh Kood

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Koh Kood & Koh Mak

Koh Kood and Koh Mak are two of the most untouched Thai islands. If you like to avoid the real touristy hotspots in Thailand, you should go here.

The islands are sister islands of the famous Koh Chang, which is a more touristic hotspot. The islands are located at the very end of the Thai eastern maritime territory bordering Cambodia.

Koh Mak beach
Travelling to Trat

If you go to the islands you have to go to Trat first, by plane or express bus from Bangkok.

Busses depart from Ekamai Bus Station from early morning until late evening. The travel time will vary from 3½ to 5 hours, depending on the travel time. If you travel at night, it’s much shorter. A roundtrip costs 357 Baht per person. Mostly you don’t need to make a reservation, just go to the bus station and buy your ticket.

You can to Trat by plane as well. Bangkok Airways operates this service several times per day from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. The flight will be less then an hour. Unfortunately a taxi to the boat pier will take you another 45 minutes.

When you arrive in Trat, you can take public transportation to the boat pier. The so called ‘song thaews’, small trucks converted to have rows for passengers, will be waiting at the bus station.

Koh Kood boat
To Koh Kood & Koh Mak by boat

From Trat you can take a slow boat to the islands, but best way is to take a speedboat. There are several boat services that depart from different boat piers in Trat. The most well known pier where the slow boats depart is Laem Ngob.

A good pier for speedboat services is Laem Sok Pier, where Laem Sok Speedboats and Siriwhite Speedboats depart. More information about these speedboat services and a timetable can be found here.

Just let the song thaew driver know to which pier you like to go. A speedboat ride to Koh Kood costs 600 Baht per person, to Koh Mak 450 Baht. If you know already where you will stay on Koh Kood or Koh Mak, the boat driver will bring you as close to the resort as they can get.

Travelling from the islands

When travelling back to the mainland, you can book your ticket at a booking office at the islands or ask your resort to do so. Prices are all the same. And if your resort has a boat pier, they will pick you up there at the scheduled time.
If you like to travel between the islands, this will be the same procedure.

Where to stay

There are many resorts where you can stay overnight in Koh Kood and Koh Mak.
Information about resorts at Koh Kood can be found here.
Information about resorts at Koh Mak can be found here.

Koh Kood beach

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Language of the world

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