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Samed Island

Samed 01
Ko Samed, or just Samed as the locals say is a Thai island not far away from Bangkok. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand approximately 220 kilometers southeast of Bangkok.
It is a small island blessed with year round sunshine, blue skies and a warm Ocean. This beautiful island has it all: superb beaches, lovely coral reefs, excellent dining and an atmospheric nightlife.
The island doesn’t have an airport, so it’s not an IFLYtheworld.com destination itself. But it’s nearby Bangkok and we made this page, just because we love the island so much.

Travel to Baan Phe

Samed Baan Phe
If you like to go to Samed you have to go to Baan Phe first. From Bangkok this is approximately 3½ hrs drive and only one hour from Pattaya.
There are several ways to go there, the most used means of transportation are by bus or by taxi. A taxi from Bangkok is easy and fast. Make it a fixed price. A ride to Baan Phe should cost maximum 2000 Baht.
A bus to Baan Phe will take you much longer than a taxi. Busses depart from Eastern Bus Terminal on Sukhumvit Road and from North Eastern Bus Terminal (Morchit 2) on Kampaengpet Road, Jatujak. Air condition buses leave Bangkok to Baan Phe every hour from 5 am until 8.30 pm and leave Baan Phe to Bangkok from 4 am until 6.30 pm. A one-way fare is 108 baht.
Baan Phe itself is nice as well for a stop. There are many shops in the main street selling a wide variety of local products such as fish souse, cattle-fish, dried shrimp and shrimp paste.

To Samed by boat

Samed Boat
Only thirty minutes by shuttle boat from Baan Phe you are in Koh Samed, which offer beautiful beaches with charming white sand and strange-shaped rocks, suitable for relaxation.
The ferry leaves from Baan Phe Pier everyday. During daytime the boat will depart nearly every hour, but in the nighttime the boat has to wait until there are at least seven passengers before leaving the pier. It’ll normally arrive at 3 piers on Samed Island. The most popular pier on Koh Samed is locally called ‘Na Dan’, which is approximately 25 minutes from Baan Phe Pier. Ferries go to ‘Ao Praw’ (30 minutes), and Ao Vong Duen (45 minutes) as well.
The price of a boat ticket is approximately 100 – 200 Bath per person for a roundtrip.

Samed by speedboat

Samed Speedboat
You can also hire a speedboat from Baan Phe Pier to Samed. This is much faster and direct. A private speedboat costs around 1,000 Baht per trip, depending on where you exactly like to go.
At the Baan Phe Pier you can get information about the resorts and a speedboat can bring you directly to that beach, so you don’t need any more transportation on Samed. Make an appointment with the boatman about your pickup as well. They will be at the beach again to bring you back to Baan Phe at the desired time.

Samed 02

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