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Here’s a movie about Phuket. This movie will give you a quick impression of the destination. The movie is produced for IFLYtheworld.com by bluepig.nl.

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Seafood market (1 hr)

Phuket 01
Food in Thailand is very important and the variety of dishes is huge but one type of food that plays a big role in Phuket’s Thai-and-international culinary culture is seafood. Phuket is an island with a lot of sea, so you will find seafood everywhere.
In Patong, the main tourist place, are many nice restaurants. You will find about 6 restaurants together at the seafood market at Rat-u-thit Songroi Pee Road. This is a real good place. You have an outside terrace with plastic seats and tables. It doesn’t look high society, but the food is wonderful.
You can select your fish and seafood from the fresh booth and tell the waiter how you want the chef to cook it. Don’t just take what you know already. Let them surprise you. Ask them to cook it traditionally Thai. The food is very fresh, the chefs are wonderful and the price is good, so you will come again, and again, and again.

Day trip to Phi Phi Island (1 day)

Phuket 03
If you like to escape from the hustle and bustle in Patong or just like to go somewhere else, you should visit Phi Phi Island. This is a group of coral islands nearby with great beaches and wonderful bays. At one of these beaches, Maya Beach, the movie The Beach was shot. It’s great to go to Phi Phi for snorkling or scuba diving as well.
There are several tourist agencies at Patong and the other tourist centers, which organise tours. Try to bargain. A full day shouldn’t cost more than 1500 Thai baht.
In the morning the tour operator will come to your hotel, guesthouse or resort and transfer you to the harbor near Phuket Town. This is quite a drive from Patong or the other beaches, but it’s nice to see the inland of the island as well.
From there you will board your speed boat, which will bring you to several islands during the day. Sometimes the sea is a bit rough, so you need some sea legs. Try to get a tour that goes to Maya Beach in the afternoon instead of the morning. In the morning it’s very crowded over there and in the afternoon it can be very quiet.
There are stops at several islands and at most of the islands it’s possible to buy some snacks and drinks. Most of the tours stop at an island for lunch as well. Around 7 pm they will transfer you back to your hotel.

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