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FCC Siem Reap (1-3 hrs)

Siem Reap FCC
If you’ve had enough of Cambodian food and snacks, you should go to the FCC Angkor, the Foreign Correspondent Club. This is a good place if you like to have some western style food.

The FCC in Siem Reap is not as beautiful as the FCC in Phnom Penh, but still has a nice and relaxing atmosphere. It is a great escape from the 'pushy' behaviour of the salesmen in downtown Siem Reap.

The menu is similar to the FCC in Phnom Penh, with a lot of pizzas and pastas, and other dishes from the ‘Western corner’. Besides that you still have a lot of dishes from the 'Asian corner'. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The address is: Pokambor Avenue (next to the Royal Residence).

Linga Bar & The One Hotel (1-2 hrs)

Siem Reap Linga
A hip and relaxed style bar in Pub Alley is Linga Bar. It is a gay-friendly bar, that serves great cocktails, has good service and a lively and amusing clientele. The name of the place is well considered. In the Pre-Ankorian period, the Brahmanic god Shiva is represented by Linga, which is the male reproduction organ.

Pub Alley is located between Pub Street and the old market. Open from 4 pm to 1 am every day. Opposite Linga bar, in the same alley you will find a gallery and a nice hotel from the same company. This hotel is a very stylish hotel with only one room.

Pub Street and Pub Street alley (1 night)

Siem Reap Pub Street
The Angkor Archaeological Park is without a doubt the biggest attraction of Siem Reap. To unwind from a busy day at the temples you can go to Pub Street or Pub alley. Here you can enjoy one of the great restaurants or hang out at one of the bars till late night.

Pub Street is the nickname of Street 8 in the centre of Siem Reap and the area can be seen as the tourist centre of town. Most of the bars start running around 5 pm when everybody comes back from the temples. Most places stay open until at least midnight and some bars stay open until near dawn.

Pub Alley, or The Passage, is an alley running parallel with Pub Street. In this alley you will find mostly restaurants but there are also several bars, galleries and shops.

Amok Restaurant (2hrs)

Siem Reap Amok
In Siem Reap you have to try Cambodian food as well and one of the most famous local restaurants is Amok Restaurant. The place is also mentioned in Lonely Planet Guides.

It is real Cambodian food, the location is good, the ambiance marvellous, and it’s a clean restaurant which can be trusted. As they write themselves: food is prepared according to western standards of proper sanitation, fruits and vegetables are cleaned with purified water, dishes are cooked without MSG and ice cubes are made of purified water.

If you go there, have a seat on the side of The Passage, next to the Cambodian BBQ, or on the other side of the Old Market outside, as it is nice to see all the people pass by.
You’ll find the restaurant opposite the Old Market and it can be recognised by the huge sign: Mentioned in Lonely Planet. The place is open from 10 am to 11 pm.

Markets and night markets (1-2 hr)

Siem Reap Markets
There are many markets in the old town of Siem Reap and as the centre is small, they are all nearby. The markets open at different times and the all sell similar goods, so you can do your shopping at any time of the day. Siem Reap is a tourist hotspot, so that means you can expect what kind of stuff they sell and what their prices are.

During daytime from 7 am to 6 pm you can go to the largest market, the old market. This market offers the deepest selection of souvenirs and curios.

At night there are several night markets that are all close to each other: Siem Reap night market, Angkor night market and Noon night market. These markets open from 5 pm until midnight.

Angkor is the largest night market and has some nice bars in rear. Noon is best when it is raining and offers a lot of fish- and foot massage. Siem Reap is small, but has everything and is closest to Pub Street and the outside food court between the main road, street 11 and street 8.

Smile of Angkor (70 minutes)

In the evening you can watch a complete entertainment show, Smile of Angkor. This is a unique big-stage show, unlike any other show in Cambodia. It is a laser, dance and 3D spectacular, tracing the history of Angkor and the mystery of the smile of Angkor.

There’s a show every evening at 7:15. The show ends at 20:25. Tickets cost us$ 38 to us$ 48 and can be bought at the ticket office at no 12-13 Sivatha Boulevard. The theatre venue is the Smile of Angkor Grand Theatre (Angkor COEX) at 60m road.

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