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Downtown Flight Simulator (1 hr)

Singapore Flight Simulator
Want to fly your own Airbus A320? Start with some ground training. At SG Flight Simulations you can try to fly this plane for the first time. And you don’t even have to go to Changi Airport for that: you can do it downtown at Orchard Road in the Orchard Central Shopping Mall.

Sit at the captain’s seat of an Airbus A320. The instructor will sit next to you. Fly around the airport of your choice. Learn the basics on controlling the A320 and perform a take-off and a manual landing. There are observer seats as well so you can bring up to three guests to watch you fly the plane.

Flights will take 30 to 90 minutes and the packages start at s$70. All information about their packages and opening hours can be found at their website. You have to make a booking in advance. Call them at +65 6634 2797 or send them an e-mail.

Gardens by the bay (2-3 hrs)

Singapore Gardens
A wonderful green park in Singapore is located next to the famous Marina Bay Sands and is called: Gardens by the Bay. This park is an integral part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a ‘Garden City’ to a ‘City in a Garden’.

It is a wonderful place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Walk around through cooled conservatories and outdoor gardens while you learn about Chinese, Malay and Indian culture.
The entrance to the park is free, but for some attractions you have to pay a small fee. If you want to walk the OCBC Skyway, you have to pay s$5 and for the cooled conservatories s$20. The park is open daily from 5 am to 2 pm.

The nearest MRT station is Bayfron. From the station just follow the signs to the gardens. If you want to get a great view on the gardens from a distance, take exit B, go right at street level and take the stairs or elevator up. Walk through the Marina Bay Sands hotel and follow the signs: Gardens by the bay.

Marina Bay Sands (2 hrs)

Singapore Marina
One of the most striking buildings of Singapore’s skyline is Marina Bay Sands. This masterpiece of design is home to three luxury hotel towers with no less then 2561 rooms.

If you like to go up to the observation deck, you have to go to the entrance at the Tower 3 side, where you can buy a ticket for s$20 and you can go up to the 56th floor.
From there you will get a great view on the city. Marina Bay, the harbour, Singapore Flyer and much more can be seen from there. The observation deck is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

There’s also a 150 metre long swimming pool at the top floor. But if you like to use that you need to book a hotel room as it is exclusively for hotel guests.
Downstairs is high-end shopping mall where you can even make a gondola ride. There’s also a casino, which opens 24/7.

Great neighbourhoods 1: Chinatown (2-3 hrs)

Singapore Chinatown
In Singapore you will find many cultures and you can travel the world in one day. There’s the very western shopping at Orchard road, but you also have Little India, Arab Street and Chinatown.

In Chinatown you can eat your heart out and buy all kinds of herbs and spices. In most parts of Singapore the happening nights are only Friday and Saturday night. In Chinatown there's something to do seven days a week. Especially the weeks before and after Chinese new year this is the most happening place in the city. Go there by MRT, stop Chinatown.

Great neighbourhoods 2: Arab Street (2-3 hrs)

Arab Street is the old centre of the Arabs who brought trade and the Muslim religion to Singapore. You will see the famous Sultan Mosque here, which you can visit for free if you take of your shoes. The many shops in the streets around Arab Street are well known for the beautiful fabrics. Many shops sell perfumes and incense oils as well. And the shops with traditional Malay cuisine are a recommendation as well. At night there are many nice restaurants and small bars where you can get a drink or smoke a shisha.

Via MRT station Bugis you can go to Arab Street. Take exit B, go straight, cross the street and go the next right, that’s Arab Street.

Great neighbourhoods 3: Little India (2-3 hrs)

Singapore Little India
Little India is one of the most colourful ethnic neighbourhoods in Singapore. Especially on Sunday very busy, because that's the only day off for the workers.

In the area you will find delicious restaurants, packed shops, fresh markets and a beautiful temple, which will give you many picturesque moments. This neighbourhood definitely gives you the feeling to be in a completely different country. It’s recommended to visit the huge Veerama Kallaman temple between 4 and 10 pm. You can consult a fortuneteller in the street, buy beautiful fabrics and saris or eat in one of the many cheap restaurants at Serangoon Road.

To go there, take MRT to, surprisingly, Little India and from there, just walk through the neighbourhood.

MacRitchie Reservoir (½ day)

If you thought the island of Singapore has only buildings and roads, you’re wrong. In the middle of the island is a huge primeval forest, MacRitchie reservoir.
The entrance is free and you can enjoy a lot of water, forest, small monkeys and other wild animals in peace. Walking, jogging, and picnicking, everything is possible. Sometimes at Saturday or Sunday evening there’s live music in the park. Take SBS bus 157 from MRT station Boon Lay to go there.

Beaches in Singapore (½ - 1 day)

Singapore Beaches
Had enough of the shopping in Singapore? There are plenty of beaches to relax. At the artificial island Sentosa, you will find Tanjong beach, Palawan beach and Fort Siloso beach. Take MRT to Waterfront and from there by bus or sky train to Sentosa. There’s a small entrance fee for the island. At the beaches are several places to buy food and drinks and there are places where you can take a shower. Do you like it a bit more exciting? Take a cable car from Waterfront to Sentosa. It’s an easy ride with a great view.

Another nice beach in Singapore is Changi beach. Many Singaporeans are camping here for the weekend. You can go for a long walk along the coast. And if you don’t like the sand on your feet, there are kilometres of promenade as well!

Jurong Bird Park (3 hrs)

If you like birds you should go to Jurong Bird Park. They have, for example, the largest pelican colony in the world. It’s a 20.2 hectare open-concept park. It is the largest in the Asia Pacific and the best in the world. Its collection of more than 8,000 birds from 600 species is among the largest in the world. The Park specialises in birds from Southeast Asia.
And do you like to cool down a bit, then go to the Penguin Parade where the temperature is close to Antarctic. The Park has four walk-in aviaries, among which is the world’s largest walk-in aviary with the tallest man-made waterfall for visitors to enjoy a close-up view of free-flying birds from Africa. Bird shows, staged at the Pools Amphitheatre and Fuji Hawk Walk are entertaining and informative and have thrilled visitors from all over the world.
The park is opened daily from 9 am till 6 pm. The entrance fee is 14 Singapore dollars. Take MRT to Boon Lay and change to SBS bus 194.

Night safari in the Zoo (2 hrs)

Singapore Nightsafari
The Singapore Zoo is beautiful, but even more nice to do is a night safari, because you see different animals alive. The night safari is not like any ordinary zoo illuminated by the night or a modern version of nocturnal houses found in many zoos around the globe.

Nestled in 40 hectares of lush secondary forest, the Night Safari offers guests the unique experience of exploring wildlife in a tropical jungle at night. Through the use of subtle lighting technique, guests are able to view over 1,000 nocturnal animals of 100 species in vast naturalistic habitats.
Go to their website to purchase your ticket online.

Pulau Ubin (½ day)

If you really want to escape from the hustle and bustle in the city and love the nature, you should go to Pulau Ubin. This is the most tropical spot you can find in Singapore. It’s a small island North-west of Singapore, but it still belongs to the state.

To go there, you can take SBS bus 2 from Clark Quay or Chinatown (People’s Complex) to Changi Point Ferry Terminal. It’s the last stop of the bus, and the ride will cost only S$ 1,90. You can also take the green MRT east-west line to Tanah Merah and catch up bus 2 from there.
From the ferry terminal you take a bumboat to the island. This will cost you S$ 2,50 per person. They will wait till there are 12 people. If there are not enough people, they could ask some more money.

At the island you can rent a bike. The price depends on the ‘age’ of the bike and how long the rental period is. It will vary from S$ 3,00 per hour to sin$ 15 per day. Biking is quite easy. There are some hills, but it’s ok. Finding your way is easy as well since there are not many roads. Drive through the forest to the beach, you’ll have a lovely day or afternoon.
There are some nice places that sell cold drinks, and next to the jetty are some local restaurants. The places are not always open so bring some water and snacks if you like. You can buy them next to Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Singapore flyer (1 hr)

The giant wheel in Singapore is called Singapore flyer. With 165 metres it’s the world’s largest observation wheel, higher than the famed London Eye.

The capsules of the wheel have the size of a bus, and each capsule has a 28-person capacity. So that makes 784 passengers at one time. A ride will take approximately 30 minutes.
During the ride you’ll be treated to a visual 360 degrees feast of iconic and historical landmarks and views from the Marina Bay to the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Merlion Park, Empress Place and the Padang. When you see the city from above you can really ‘place’ things.

A ticket costs S$ 29,50 for an adult or S$ 199,00 per couple if you like to have a dinner in a capsule. You can even rent a private capsule for S$ 1.500,00 during peak hours. Of course you can see where the Singapore Flyer is, but just to complete this tip, the address is 30 Raffles Avenue. The nearest MRT station is City Hall. There’s a shuttle bus going to Singapore Flyer. It’s open daily from 8.30 am to 10.30 pm.

National Museum (2½ hrs)

If you like to learn more about the history and culture of Singapore you should visit the National Museum at 93 Stamford Road. It is a beautiful old building …
A visit to this museum is both a great escape during a hot and sunny day or a humid and rainy day. Of course you have to start at the Singapore History Gallery, where a great audio tour tells you all about the history and culture of the city-state. But there are more galleries with changing exhibitions.
The opening hours are 10 am to 6 pm daily. The living galleries, where special exhibitions can be found, are open to 8 pm daily. More information about the museum can be found here.

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