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Harayuku shopping area (1-2 hrs)
Tokyo Harajuku
A great neighbourhood for shopping is Harajuku. In this area you will find many boutiques selling the most amazing clothes, shoes and accessories. This is the place where the famous Harajuku girls buy their crazy outfits.

If you like to see people in people in mad outfits, you have to go there during the weekend, especially on Sundays. You can go there by train to Harajuku Station. From there you will see the small shopping streets already. Just walk around through the area and when you’re done, treat yourself at one of the many bars or restaurants.

Roppongi entertainment district (3 hrs)

Tokyo Roppongi
Looking for some activity at night? Roppongi is the entertainment district where you will find many bars, restaurants and an active nightclub scene. This area is very popular by foreigners.

The area also attracts people with less good intentions unfortunately, so if you go there, take care of your belongings.

To go there; take a train, Toei Oedo line or JR Hibiya Line to Roppongi. Then take eit: Roppongi Hills.

Riverside Capsule Hotel (1 night)

Tokyo Capsule
Normally we don't write about hotels, but a capsule hotel is so special, you have to see it. These hotels feature a large number of extremely small ‘rooms’ for 1 person.

Unfortunately the only way to have a look inside; is by booking a room, as they don't allow any visitors. But for only 3000 Yen per night, the coffin is yours, including TV with many ‘wonderful’ channels.

One of the best-known Capsule Hotels is in the Asakusa district; nearby Senso Ji temple and only one minute walk from Asakusa station (exit 4). The hotel is located at 2-20-4 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku.

Tsukiji fish market (2 hrs)

Tokyo Tsukiji
Tsukiji fish market is a place you can visit. But you have to wake up very early for that. Every morning from 3 am you can see the fishermen bringing in their most beautiful catch and at 6 am you can watch the auction. But only a limited amount of people is allowed to go inside. Some people are waiting for three hours just to watch the auction.

The most important reason why we mention Tsukiji here; is because it's the best place in Tokyo to eat the freshest sushi, sashimi and other seafood dishes during daytime.

To go there, go to Tsukiji subway station, Hibiya line and take exit 2 to Metropolitan wholesale market. On Sunday and holidays the market is closed, but the surrounding restaurants are always open.

Uobei high tech sushi place (1 hr)

Tokyo Uobei
Having sushi at Uobei restaurant is a wonderful high-tech experience. After you place your orders via multi-language touch screen, the dishes are delivered by high-speed chute. And all dishes are very affordable. And if you want to know how much you ordered? Just check your account on your screen.

Uobei is located behind Shibuya 109 mall, just one minute from the world famous Shibuya Crossing. The place is open from 11 am to midnight.

The street name is Dogendzaga Koji. It is the first small alley behind Shibuya 109 (coming from Shibuya crossing). Have fun and enjoy your high-tech sushi.

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