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Eløi Banen (2 hrs - ½ day)

The most beautiful view on Bergen, the surroundings and the fjords is of course from a mountain. Next to the fish market at the end of the harbour is the Eløi Banen, a cable car, which can bring you up, if there’s a clear sky of course.

The place is a bit hidden but when you walk in the direction of the old Bryggen, you will see a small house with the name Eløi Banen. A ride will cost you 70 Norwegian Crowns. It opens early morning and closes at 11.00 pm.

In about seven minutes the cable car will lift you 320 metres up the hill. And from there you have the most spectacular views on the city, the harbour and the fjords. But you need to be lucky with the weather. If it’s hazy you can make a wonderful walk on the mountain. But the main goal to go there is the stunning views. There’s also a restaurant with a nice terrace.

You can even make a very long walk to the highest mountain in the area and from there you can go down again with the Ulriken cable car.

Bergen Art (2 hrs)

There are many museums in Bergen. Most of the art museums are located at the same street, Rasmus Meyers Allé, also called art Gallery Street.

In the middle of the city is a big pond and along that pond is this art street. Three of these museums belong to Bergen Art Museum. At number 3 is the Stenersen, where you can see changing exhibitions.

At number 7 is thee you can see the Rasmus Meyers collection and at number 9, in Lysverket, you can watch Norwegian and international art from the 15th century to the modern days

At number 5 is, separate from Bergen Art Museum, the Bergen Kunsthall. They have changing exhibitions of contemporary art. Kunsthall is open from 11.00 am to 17.00 pm, and Art Museum from 12.00 tot 17.00 pm. All museums are close don Mondays. More information about Art Museum can be found here. More information about Kunsthall can be found here.

Fjord sightseeing (4 hrs)

In summer season it’s an absolute must to do a Fjord tour. This can be done with The White Lady.
During this 4-hour tour you will see the famous west coast Norwegian Scenery with its steep mountains, towering cliffs, and narrow fjords.

From may 1st till September 30th there’s a daily tour at 10 am and sometimes even one at 3.30 pm. Departure pier is the fish market at the end of the harbour. So it’s easy to check times and availability when you are shopping or walking around in the old town. A ticket will cost you 430 Norwegian Crown per person, and it’s an experience never to forget! Or check the latest information here.

The old Bryggen (1 - 3 hrs)

Of course when you visit Bergen you have to see the old city Bryggen as well. It is located in the centre at the harbour front. The houses are over 900 years old and are very close to each other, sometimes divided by very narrow alleys.

Walk through these alleys and discover many small shops, coffee shops and galleries. Overhanging balconies in the alleys give this area a mystical atmosphere. Bryggen is added to Unesco’s world heritage list.

Enhjørningen (2 hrs)

What do you eat in a place that has so much sea so nearby, fish of course. At the harbour front in the middle of old Bryggen, is the one and only real fish restaurant of Bergen, Enhjørningen, Which means unicorn. It is situated in a really old building, which you can feel when walking through the place. The floor is a bit irregular so you have the feeling to be a bit drunk. Not bad for a place where alcohol is a bit expensive.

The food is very good but expensive as well. Main courses are all around 300 Norwegian Crowns and a glass of house wine is 60 Crowns. But the quality of the food is perfect, the waiters are great and the place looks wonderful.

It’s advisable reserve a table as the restaurant is often fully booked. Tel: 55-3217919, e-mail. The restaurant is open from 4 pm.

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