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Old City centre (1 day)

Dubrovnik Old Town
Dubrovnik is known for the beauty of its monuments. It is one of the best medieval walled cities in the world and in 1979, the city of Dubrovnik joined UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Of course you have to stroll through the gorgeous historic streets of the old centre. There’s no entrance fee and you have to spend here at least one full day, including walking the City Walls (see next travel tip).

Enjoy the beauty of the architecture and try the local specialities in one of the marvellous restaurants and watch the crowd go buy while enjoying a cold beer or wonderful wine at one of the lovely terraces.

City Walls (2-3 hrs)

Dubrovnik City Wall
The City Walls are built in the 10th century and run almost two kilometres around the city. They offer splendid views from the guards’ walkway both on the limpid blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and Stari Grad, the old centre of Dubrovnik.

For sure you have to walk over these city walls and picture yourself protecting this ancient city against brutal intruders.

The walls are open from 8 am to 7:30 pm during high season (in winter it closes earlier). The entrance fee is 90 kuna per person. It takes 2-3 hours to make a full round. The entrance gate is at Gunduliceva Poljana 2, on the left-hand side when you enter the old centre from the Pile Gate.

Kayak tour (3 hrs)

Dubrovnik Kayak
Lovely views of Dubrovnik can be seen from a boat in the sky blue sea. But it’s a way better experience if you paddle yourself in the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, so let’s go sea kayaking.

During a three hour guided tour you will paddle along the old centre, around Lokrum Island, along Betina cave and Banje beach. You don’t need to have any kayak experience.A tour costs 230 kuna per person and departure times are: 09:00, 12:00 and 17:00.

The tour departs from Sulic Beach, just one minute away from the Pile Gate (outside the old wall at the east side). Just go to the Pile Gate and you’ll see the tour promoters walking around with a kayak paddle.

Lokrum Island (½ day)

Dubrovnik Lokrum
A great escape from the city during a hot summer day is Lokrum Island. Here you can go sunbathing and picnicking for a day or just a few hours. You can take a ferry to this island, which only takes a few minutes.

Every half an hour a ferry will depart from the North Pier in the old harbour. A return ticket including entrance fee to the island cost 60 kuna per person. The ferry service runs from 9 am to 8 pm. It is not allowed to stay overnight at Lokrum.

Bring food and drinks if you want to stay all day. There is a place where you can buy some food and drinks as well. Furthermore, just enjoy the sun, the beach and the sea and… don’t forget your snorkel gear if you have some.

Banje City Beach (1-3 hrs)

Dubrovnik Banje
Dubrovnik has several beaches where you can enjoy the sun and cool down in the sea during a hot summer day. The sandy city beach Banje has a real high society atmosphere. Here you can see Dubrovnik is quite a posh city.

Banje is a short walk from the Ploče Gate. It is accessed via a long stairway and the entrance to the beach is free. It's good for kids, pebbly and at times sandy, depending on the waves. It has showers, deckchairs and sun loungers for hire, plus jet skis and inflatables.

It is an amazing spot to hangout late afternoon as the view on the old centre during sunset is breathtaking.

Mala Buza Beach (2-3 hrs)

Dubrovnik Mala Buza
Our favourite beach is the small rocky beach just outside the city wall, Mala Buza Beach. It is not really a beach, actually it’s just rocks with many nice places to lay down.

Have a drink while sunbathing and jump directly into the sea while enjoying this huge piece of history from very nearby.

Mala Buza Beach has a great bar as well: Bard Mala Buza. For Dubrovnik this is quite an expensive but really great bar. Let’s say, the location is one of the most exciting ones in town. The beach is open from 7:30 am to 2 am. The bar opens at 9 am.

Mala Buza is a bit hard to find, as it has no address. It is located on the southwest side of the old centre behind the cathedral. Follow the street Ispod Mira. You will see a door in the old wall, which is the entrance to the beach.

Dubrovnik Cable Car (2 hrs)

Dubrovnik Cable Car
Lovely views of Dubrovnik can be seen from several places around the city, but you will get the most stunning views from Mount Srd, just behind the city. A cable car brings you all the way up there in just a few minutes. And from there the views are breathtaking.

A returnticket for the cable car costs 94 kuna. The time table can be seen here.

The easiest way to come to the cable car is from the Old Town. On the northern side of the town there is Buža Street, which leads you towards the exit from the city walls.

From there you need to keep climbing towards the fireman station. Once you are at the fireman station, you need to cross the street on your right hand side and keep going straight. After few moments you will see cable car station on your right hand side.

Elaphiti Islands (1 day)

Dubrovnik Elaphiti
When you are done with all the historic architecture and like to escape from the city you could make a daytrip by boat to the Elaphiti Islands.

The islands are covered with characteristic Mediterranean evergreen vegetation and attract large numbers of tourists during the summer season due to their beaches and pristine scenery.

Most operators visit the islands Kolocep, Sipan and Lopud. A daytrip costs 250 kuna per person. You can arrange your tickets the evening before at the North Pier. The operators will be there with their info booth just in front of the pier. You can also arrange last minute tickets from 8:30 am. Departure is mostly around 9:30 or 10:30 am.

Tour to Mostar (1-2 day)

Dubrovnik Mostar
If you have time (and don’t need a visa for Bosnia) you can drive into the neighbouring country Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit the graceful city of Mostar along the Neretva River.

The Old Bridge, built by the Ottomans in the 16th century, is one of the country’s most recognizable landmarks. You should also watch people jump of the bridge into River.

You will get the best view on the bridge from the 40 meters high minaret of the National Monument Mosque, which is open from 9 am to 6 pm and costs 8 bam.

At several tourist offices in Dubrovnik you can book an organised tour, but best is to rent a car, drive yourself and do everything at your own pace.

If you drive there yourself it is great to stay overnight in Mostar, as the views on the bridge at night are absolutely wonderful as well. There are several remarkable accommodations in the old town of Mostar.

Wine trip to Peljesac Peninsula (1 day)

Dubrovnik Peljesac
A wonderful place to go to for a day is the Peljesac Peninsula. Here you can watch the historic defensive walls of Ston, but the most important reason to go there is to see the vineyards and visit one of the wineries.

Don’t leave without tasting their gorgeous wines but make sure the driver is still sober as there is a zero tolerance law in Croatia.

One of the nicest places is Potomje. Don't forget to visit our favourite vineyard: Matusko. Also drive to the tunnel and see where the famous Dingac grapes are growing on the steep hills along the coast.

You can book an organised tour in Dubrovnik but best is to rent a car and do it yourself, so you can buy as many beautiful wines as you like. And remember for those staying in EU; as Croatia is in EU now, you can bring 90 litres of wine within the EU (always check customs regulations of your own country before bringing the wine).

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Things not to do:

Semisubmarine Starfish

Dubrovnik Submarine
You can do several boat tours in Dubrovnik, some of them are incredible but the most hideous is a tour with Semisubmarine Starfish.

This tour departs from the old town port and they call it: a unique experience of sea world outside the city walls of this fabulous city. Well, we can tell: there is nothing to see.

Dubrovnik Submarine 2
We booked a day tour, but as they overbooked it they re-booked us to an evening tour. We thought there was nothing to see because it was dark. When we complained they said the evening tour is the best. Conclusion: day or night, it is always a waste of your 90 kuna.

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