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Whisky Heritage Centre (2 hrs)

Edinburgh 1
Edinburgh is Scotland and Scotland is: Whisky of course. If you like to get the real Scotch Whisky Experience, you should visit the Whisky Heritage Centre. This spirited insight into the world of Scotland’s most famous export takes you from its very beginnings as a cottage industry through to the global success it is today.
The whisky tour starts with a swirling, bubbling barrel ride through a replica distillery, as you become part of the whisky making process. Along the way you’ll hear the stories behind this magical craft. Throughout your interactive tour the expert guides and whisky advisors are with you every sip of the way.
You can even do a Whisky course. Spend a day “immersed” in the world of Scotch whisky, and gain the “Certificate of Expertise” recognised by the Scotch Whisky Industry. A mixture of hands on activities and different learning styles are covered to make the day entertaining and fun as well as highly educational and informative.
The centre is Located on the Royal Mile, at the top of Castle Hill adjacent to Edinburgh Castle and the Camera Obscura - a popular area for tourists visiting Edinburgh. The address is 354 Castlehill, Royal Mile.
The Whisky Centre is open 7 days a week 364 days a year and is closed on Christmas Day only. The opening hours are 10 am to 6 pm. A normal ticket costs £11.50, this includes a dram of Scotch Malt Whisky, a Glencairn whisky tasting glass to take away plus a discount voucher for our shop. Under 18's are given a softdrink.

Hop-on-hop-off (1 day)

Edinburgh 2
A bit touristic perhaps, but very useful in a city like Edinburgh, a hop-on-hop-off bus. It’s very useful as Edinburgh is a bit hilly. This bus will lead you to most of the touristic highlights. Pick up your headphones, choose your channel, sit back and relax as you hear how Edinburgh’s past has shaped the City you see today.
There are 13 stops where you can hop-on or hop-off. For more information about the stops and all other tours, visit their website.
A sightseeing ticket is £12 for 24 hours. Tours will operate all year long. The first tour will depart at 9.30 am and the last one at 5.30 pm and in summer at 7.15 pm.

Edinburgh Castle (3 hrs)

Edinburgh 3
At Castle Rock you will find Edinburgh Castle. Perched on an extinct volcano, this instantly recognizable fortress is a powerful national symbol and part of Old and New Towns of Edinburgh World Heritage Site.
No visit to Edinburgh is complete without a visit to Edinburgh Castle, and once you have ventured up to the highest parts of Edinburgh Castle’s structure, you will be overwhelmed by the spectacular views of Edinburgh afforded from this Scottish "Castle of Castles".
View the Scottish Crown Jewels, the delightful St Margaret's Chapel, the Stone of Destiny on which previous Scottish Monarchs were crowned and many other historic buildings. A recent addition is the re-development of the Queen Anne Building including a prison of war experience.
Besides a regular visit to the castle, there’s much more to do. You can meet the Castle Piper, hear his music and take photographs with him. And there is an all year round lively program of events for everyone. There are many costumed performances, castle concerts, and of course the annual military tattoo in august. More information about the events can be found here.
Opening hours of the castle are 9.30 am to 5 pm in summer and 6 pm in winter. A ticket costs £14.00. And the address, well, you can see the castle from almost anywhere in Edinburgh.

Royal Mile (2 - 3 hrs)

Edinburgh 4
The City of Edinburgh grew outwards from the Castle rock, and the first houses in Edinburgh were built on the area in front of Edinburgh Castle, which is now known as the Lawnmarket. Then the house building continued down the High Street and The Cannongate towards the Royal Palace of Holyrood House. These streets collectively form a single street known as The Royal Mile.
The Royal Mile acquired its name over the ages as Scottish and English kings, queens and royalty in general, have travelled to and from between the Palace of Holyrood House and Edinburgh.
Walking along Royal Mile is walking through history. Just off the Lawnmarket is Lady Stair's House. This was built in 1622. It now belongs to the City of Edinburgh and has been turned into a Writers' Museum dedicated to three of Scotland's most famous writers. It is crammed with pictures, etchings, busts and memorabilia of the three writers, including bibles, pipes and walking sticks.
Today, the Royal Mile is an eclectic mix of tourist shops and eateries as well as pubs and historical attractions. It also serves as the heart of Scotland's legal system, being the home of both the High Court of Justiciary and the Court of Session.

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