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Laterna Magika (2½ hrs)

Perhaps one of the most wonderful theatres in the world is Prague’s Laterna Magika. The theatre shows performances, which are a combination of a play, music, movie, dance, pantomime and much more. And it’s not necessary to understand Czech language, as there are no words used.
The theatre counts it history since 1958, when a Czech theatre had a huge success at World Expo in Belgium. This theatre was reconstructed as a permanent theatre in Prague. There are several productions, which are played already for many years and still with great success.
Tickets are approximately CzK 680 for the best seats. Tickets can be bought at the theatre, which is located at Narodni 4. More information about the programme and ticket reservation options can be found at their website.

Tour with old-timer (1 - 2 hrs)

Prague has a lot of buildings from the old days, and sometimes it really feels like your back in time. A great way to stimulate that feeling is to take a tour in a beautiful restored car from the great age of Czech motoring, which took place between the two World Wars. The drivers are also suited in 1930 costumes.
There are several tour options and places where you can start your tour, for example in the old centre or near Prague Castle. A tour starts from CzK 250 and the cars can accommodate 3 to 12 passengers. More information about the options can be found at their website.

Funicular to park (1 hr)

The ‘other side’ of Prague, opposite the old centre, on the other side of the river Vltava, offers great views on the city. But if you go to Prague Castle, you have to walk all the way up. If you take the funicular railway to Petrin Hill, you have the same great view, you don’t need to walk and you get a wonderful ride.
Take a tram to the beginning of the funicular at Ujezd. This funicular is normal public transportation so you can just buy a ticket from the machine. It’s only CzK 18 for an adult. The length of the track is 510 metres and it brings you 130 meters uphill.
Beside the great view, you can also take a look at the Astronomical Observatory (opened in 1930), or climb the lookout tower. Or have a walk through Petrin gardens. It’s also nice to bring some lunch and have a small picnic with a great view.

Prague castle (2 hrs)

The Prague Castle, an ancient symbol of the Czech lands, is the most significant Czech monument and one of the most important cultural institutions in the Czech Republic. So of course you will visit it. One of the best ways to go there and see all it’s surroundings is walking.
Best route is to walk along the Charles Bridge from the old town. Walk up to Malostranske Namesti and from there you walk up to the castle via all kind of small streets. If you’re lucky you will see the change of the guards ceremony. This will take place every hour and at noon it also includes a fanfare and the flag ceremony.
Otherwise you can just enjoy the great buildings, a nice terrace, a fun museum or the great view. There’s even a real wine garden. The castle is open every day and the entrance is free.

Sex machines museum (1 hr)

Czech Republic is known for its porn industry, but Prague also has a bit weird museum; the sex machines museum, the world’s first museum dedicated to sex equipment. A bit weird but funny to see. Very good for a rainy day.
The museum displays over 200 objects and mechanical appliances. There’s also a gallery showing art with erotic themes and a cinema with old erotic movies.
The museum is located in the old centre just around the corner of Staromestske Namesti, in Melantrichova 18. Opening hours are from 10 am to 11 pm daily. Entrance fee is CzK 250 for an adult. Children are not allowed.

Astrological clock (½ hr)

When you’re at Starometske Namesti the square in the old city, of course you need to take a look at the old astronomical clock at the clock tower. It’s a very beautiful and ingenious clock, which mentions a lot about time, dusk and dawn, zodiac and much more.
Every whole and every half an hour the clock shows a small ‘ceremony’. Many people are waiting for this. It’s fun to see, but it’s also fun to look at the audience. The ceremony is very short and you see the disappointment at their faces, “is that all?” Yes that is all, but it is great to see and again: very ingenious.

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