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Tkalciceva Street (1 evening)

Zagreb Tkalciceva
The best street to hang out in Zagreb is Tkalciceva Street. Extending from the vicinity of the central Ban Jelačić Square to its northern end at Mala Ulica, which means Little Street in Croatian.

This street is filled with bars, restaurants, snack bars and terraces. It is a trendy destination for rendezvous and relaxation. You can go there for lunch, dinner or just for drinks from early morning to late evening. This is the heart of Zagreb’s nightlife.

There are many great places, but here are our favourites: go to Cica at number 18 for many kinds of Rakia or to Mali Medo at number 36 where they brew their own beer.

Vrutak wine shop (1-2 hrs)

Zagreb Vrutak
Croatia produces gorgeous wines and if you are looking for the best wine shop in Zagreb, go to Vrutak at Vodovidna 20a. This wine shop sells more than 1600 different wines. It is the largest wine shop in Croatia with a huge range of Croatian wines. This shop is open every day from 7 am to 9 pm.

This wine shop is in walking distance from downtown, the walk will take you approximately 20 minutes. Walk along Illica in the direction of Crnomerec. Go left at Vodovodna, cross the railway track and you'll find it right next to the railway.

And if you bought too much to carry, there is a taxi stand in front of the shop. A ride back to town costs approximately 35 kuna.

Buy a real Croata (1 hr)

Zagreb Croata
Where does the necktie come from originally? In the 17th century Croatian soldiers used to tie elegant scarves around their necks, a fashion later picked up by the French. In French it is called a Cravat, which comes from Croata.

An original souvenir from a visit to Zagreb is a tie, a must-have item of clothing in business world and an authentic Croatian product. And where do you buy this souvenir? Of course at the Croata shop in the Octagonal shopping passage between Ilica and Trg Petar Preradovica, nearby Trg Bana Jelacica.

Restaurant Trilogija (2 hrs)

Zagreb Trilogija
Probably the best restaurant in town, and for sure in the old town is Restaurant Trilogija, which is located at Kamenita 5, next to Kamena Vrata (the stone door).

They don’t have a menu, the very friendly and professional waiters, who speak English, tell you what’s on the menu tonight. The great chefs make new dishes every day with fresh products of the season.

It is advisable to make a reservation, telephone: 01 485 1394. The opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 11 am to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 1 am and closed on Sunday.

Winebar: Basement. (1-2 hrs)

Zagreb Basement
Basement is a lovely wine bar located in an old cellar. Here you can try many local wines by the glass. And the wonderful thing is, they only serve Croatian wines.

A Dalmatian plate is a good recommendation to order with your wines. This is a plate with prosciutto, delicious local cheese, olives and bread.

Basement is located in downtown Zagreb at Tomiceva 5. It is open every day from 9 am(!) to 2 am. Only on Sundays it closes at midnight. More information can be found at their website.

There are not many wineries exporting to other countries. If you like the wines and want to order them online? The website Croatiangrapes.com has a wonderful range of Croatian wines and sends them to The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland and possibly in future some other countries. For information about export to other countries you can send them an e-mail.

Nokturno restaurant (2 hrs)

Zagreb Nokturno
One of our favourite restaurants during summer is Nokturno, located in the picturesque Skalinska Street at number 4 in the old town. Settle down at one of the tables in the middle of this small alley order a local beer and check the menu.

And they have a really huge menu with pasta, pizza, meat and fish dishes. As a starter we suggest you try some Croatian prsut (local ham) and local cheeses.

The opening hours are from Monday to Thursday from 8 am to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 1 am and on Sunday and Holidays from 8 am to midnight.

Pivnica Medvedgrad (2 hrs)

Zagreb Medvedgrad
Pivnica Medvedgrad is a chain of restaurant bars with five kinds of natural homemade beers. They serve simple but great food; mainly meat and you have to try their own brewed beer of course.

They have three locations. Pivnica Mali Medo (small bear) and the place next door Pivnica Medvedgrad (town of bears) are located in the old centre at Tkalciceva 36.

There is another location with a huge garden terrace outside the centre at Božidara Adžije 16. At the main street Ilica 49 they have the brewery, nearby the big square TRG Bana Jalacica. More information about their beers, the locations and the opening hours can be found at their website.

Dolac Market (1 hr)

Zagreb Dolac
The Dolac market is located in the Kaptol part of the old town between Trg Bana Jelacica and the big cathedral. It is the best place to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. And if you don’t need anything, it is the perfect spot for picturesque moments.

The market is open daily but the busiest time here is every Saturday around noon, when everybody picks up their fresh produce before going home and preparing lunch.

Donji Grad terraces (1-2- hrs)

Zagreb Donji Grad
Zagreb can be described as a city with the biggest lounge. The moment the sun appears in the sky in spring, restaurant, café and coffee house terraces will open for customers. Streets become places to get a cup of coffee, relax or have a business meeting.

The modern part of the centre of Zagreb, Donji Grad (also called Lower Town) has many squares and streets with terraces to hang out. Just walk around squares like Trg Jelacica, Preradovicev and many surrounding streets to find your favourite summer terrace to settle down.

Boban restaurant (2 hrs)

Zagreb Boban
The restaurant in Zagreb serving the best Italian food is Restoran Boban. The starters are perfect and the ‘secundo piatti’ are absolutely mouth-watering and the most professional waiters will serve your dishes. You can check the menu at their website.

Sometimes they have light jazz performances inside. And during summer they have a great terrace in the street as well.

The restaurant is located at Gajeve 9 in Donji Grad, the modern part of the centre. The working hours of the restaurant are Monday to Thursday from 11 am to 11 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to midnight and on Sunday from noon to 11 pm.

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