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Brasserie Guillaume (2 hrs)

Luxemburg Guillaume
A great place to eat in Luxembourg is Brasserie and Poissonnerie Guillaume, located at 12 & 14 Place Guillaume. These are two restaurants in one with a great terrace. Downstairs is the Brasserie where you can eat various dishes during the day.

The Poissonerie is located at the second floor and is, surprisingly, a restaurant for fish and seafood lovers. Although Luxembourg is not even in the vicinity of any sea, you can eat great seafood here. And while eating at one of these restaurants, don’t forget to try one of the Luxembourg wines. They have nice wines, especially to accompany fish and seafood.

More information about the Brasserie can be found here. And more information about the Poissonerie can be found here.

Restaurants at Place d'Armes (2 hrs)
Luxemburg dArmes
Are you looking for a restaurant in downtown Luxembourg, but don’t know what kind of food you like? You should go to Place d’Armes, one of the bigger city squares.

Around this square you will find many restaurants and terraces in various categories: seafood, Lebanese, Mexican, Chinese, fast food and much more. You can have something to eat at the square from breakfast until late evening.

Coco Mango (2 hrs)
A valley, on the south side called Vallee de la Petrusse, surrounds the old centre of Luxembourg. Just outside this valley is the Sofitel Hotel Le Grand Ducal. At the 8th floor of this hotel you will find bar Coco Mango. From this bar you get stunning views on the old city, especially at sunset or at night.

On Fridays and Wednesdays there’s a DJ spinning the records to turn up the vibes. Although the staff could be a bit quicker, they serve ‘high-so’ cocktails in a great ambience. Prices of the drinks are definitely not cheap comparing to the rest of Luxembourg, but the view is absolutely worth it. The address is: 40 Boulevard d’Avranches.

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