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Old Souq (2 hrs)

Kuwait Souq
One of the main places you have to visit is the Old Souq in the heart of the old centre. There are many nice small alleys where they sell about anything.

A traditional souq is always set up in sections. All shops that sell fruits are in one section. And there’s a section for meat, for clothes, carpets or even teapots. So just stroll around the market to find your section and buy your stuff. There are also a lot of food and coffee places here.

The opening hours may vary during summer and winter. Ask your hotel concierge for the best time to go there. You will find the old souq in the old centre between the Grand Mosque and the Liberation Tower.

Souq Sharq Waterfront (1-3 hrs)

Kuwait Souq Shark
A great place for shopping nearby the Old Centre is Sharq Market Waterfront. This mall has a perfect blend of first class retail outlets and great recreational activities. Its vibrant atmosphere lasts throughout the day and well into the night, and has a justifiable reputation as one of Kuwait’s liveliest social venues.

On the Ground Floor and Second Floor there is a wide variety of retail outlets, ranging from well-known high-street shops to chic boutiques and designer stores. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants that offer a fantastic selection of food and drink for all the family to enjoy. And while having your drink, lunch or dinner you will get a great view on the marina and the skyline of Kuwait City.

It is located just outside the old centre at Arabian Gulf Street. Every taxi driver will know where it is.

Fish market (1 hr)

Kuwait Fish Market
Next to Sharq Market is the New Fish Market. Perhaps you don’t need to buy fish here, but for sure you’ll get some great picturesque moments. And for fish and seafood lovers, the view on the fresh products will definitely stimulate your appetite.

You can go there all day, as it is open from 7 am to 11 or 12 pm. It is located next to Souq Sharq Waterfront at Arabian Gulf Street. Any taxi driver will know that, just tell them: ‘New fish market Sharq’.

Marina mall (1-2 hrs)

Kuwait Marina Mall
Great shopping can be done at Marina Mall. This is located outside downtown Kuwait City, at Arabian Gulf Street further down in the direction of Salmiya. It is a complete destination with top-quality shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment facilities. There’s also a cinema.

Many shoe and clothes shops, and shops of most major brands can be found in this mall. There are also a lot of fast food options upstairs in the Marina Dome. That’s a great air-conditioned place to hang out during summer while it’s incredible hot outside. You can check the directory online.

Marina Crescent (1-2 hrs)

Kuwait Marina Crescent
After you finished your shopping in Marina Mall, you should walk the Marina Bridge and go to Marina Crescent. Around the marina, you will find a lot of restaurants and coffee bars.

You can pick your choice from Friday's, Costa, Starbucks, Asba Indian, Krispy Kreme, Johnny Rockets, Pizza Express and much more. Especially in winter it is a great hang out spot during daytime, as the temperature is very nice then. During summer you should go there at night.

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