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Coco Cola museum (3 hrs)

Atlanta is home to Coca Cola and there’s even a Coca Cola museum. This museum shows the history, products and culture of Coca Cola.
You can get a drink of Coke in an original Coke shop. You are taken to the revoltution of the Coke bottle and it's unique design. They show the evolution of Coke and how Coke has taken over the world.
At the end of the tour you can taste every single flavour of Coke and every single other softdrink they produce in all countries. It is worth while to take a little zip from everything, just to taste the enormous pallet of flavours.
The museum is a big commercial but is educational as well. And at the end of the tour you can drink so much pop that you forget all about the entrance fee. But don't make any illusions, at the end you will not know Atlanta's biggest secret; the recipe.

Ebenezer Baptist Church (2 hrs)

The Ebenezer Baptist Church is the church of former rev. Martin Luther King. You can visit this church and the nearby museum to breath a big part of American history, but it’s possible to go to a service in the church as well. These services are on Sunday mornings at 7.45 and 11.00 am. Service is free but you need to pay for the service of course.
The service will take about two hours with music and singing. Dress properly as everybody is really dressing up to go to church. Even if it’s only for that you should go there. These people look so beautiful and pride. Unfortunately it’s not allowed to take pictures during service.
Next to the church is the Martin Luther King memorial. It’s good to see, but better in combination with a service. Opposite the church is the old church. And actually this was the church where Martin Luther King did his services. Unfortunately this church is closed for renovation (in progress in 2009). Next to old church you can visit the grave of Martin Luther King.

Virginia Highland (3 hrs)

A really nice neighbourhood to go to is Virginia Highland. It is Atlanta's most popular neighbourhood for shopping, dining and nightlife and was developed in the early 1900’s. Its located around, what else could it be, Virginia Avenue and N. Highland Avenue.
A visit to this district is good during daytime but best in the evening. During daytime there’s a small market now and then and it’s nice to walk around in the neighborhood and watch the beautiful houses and gardens.
Virginia Highland is acclaimed for its diverse and unique shopping. There are wonderful small boutiques and sometimes an open-air market. Locals and tourists are mingling here at charming sidewalk cafes and great restaurants and bistros.
Virginia Highlands is northeast of the city centre. Best way to go there is by taxi. From the centre it will cost you about us Dollar 15.

Lenox Mall (1 hr - unlimited)

There are many shopping malls in and around Atlanta. A really good one is Lenox Mall in Buckhead, North Atlanta. This is one of the hottest shopping destinations in the Southeast.
It features hundreds of upscale, glitzy shops, anchored by Neiman Marcus, Macy's and Rich's, a huge Apple store, multiple movie theatres and a wide variety of places to eat that range from restaurants such as Brasserie Le Coze and Tomtom to a diverse food court with a mouth-watering array of choices.
It’s easy to go there by Marta train from the city centre. Take the Northeast line to Lenox. Trains run every eight minutes on weekdays, every 10 minutes on Saturday and every 15 minutes on Sunday.

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