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Royal Street (½ hr - ½ day)

New Orleans Royal Street
If you’re looking for great art galleries, you should go to Royal Street, which is parallel to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter.

Besides art galleries there are many other artistic shops selling furniture, decoration and other weird relics. During daytime you can see the artists at work in their studios. And, as in all other streets in the Quarter, you might bump into a nice life music performance.

Cathedral de St Louis (½ hr)

New Orleans Cathedral
Another thing not to miss in the old centre is the Cathedral de St Louis. It has the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the United States. It is facing the Mississippi River at Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter.

The entrance is free, but you could make a donation of course. Every morning at 7:30 am there’s a mass and on Sunday at 9 am. The cathedral closes every day around 4 pm.

Steamboat Natchez (2 hrs)

New Orleans Steamboat
A great way to see the skyline of New Orleans is to make a boat tour on the river. And the best way to do so is with a traditional river steamboat of course. Travel back in time and enjoy a great tour.

And don’t forget to go downstairs to the engine room during your tour, as it’s great to see, how this huge powerful machine gets its thrust.

The boat departs daily from the Toulouse Street Wharf. They have Harbour cruises during daytime and dinner/jazz cruises at night. The schedule may vary during the season. Check the latest update at their website, or go to the wharf directly.

Streetcar (1 hr - 1 day)

New Orleans Streetcar 2
The easiest way of transportation in the French Quarter is walking. You can travel by trolley if you like to travel to other areas. It’s cheap and even if you’re not travelling anywhere in particular, it’s still fun to do.

But if you need a reason, with this trolley you can go to the beautiful Garden district for example.

A single ride costs us$ 1,25, but you can also buy a day pass for only us$ 3. You can go to many touristic highlights with the streetcar, go to the Garden district for example. More information about the streetcars can be found at their website.

Garden district (2 hr)

New Orleans Garden District
Upon arrival in New Orleans, after the purchase of Louisiana in 1803, the Americans found the Creoles living down-river from Canal Street. The two groups hated each other, so the Americans settled up-river from Canal Street in the early mid-nineteenth century. This enclave of Americans became filthy rich and built great ostentatious mansions in what came to be known as the Garden District.

It’s a great place to go to. Stroll the shady streets of the Garden District and see the stately mansions. It’s very easy to go there by streetcar. From Canal Street, take a streetcar in the direction of S. Claiborne. Leave the streetcar at any stop between Washington and Louisiana.

St Louis Cemetery #1 (½ hr)

New Orleans St Louis
In New Orleans they bury their dead above the ground. You can have a look at the St Louis Cemetery, just outside the French Quarter. You can stroll through the cemetery yourself, or take a 2-hour guided tour, or if you want it less corny, take this one.

At this cemetery you will also find the tomb of voodoo queen Marie Laveau. Voodoo is a cultural form of the Afro-American religions, which developed within the African American population. The cemetery is located at St Louis Street (corner of Basin) and it is open daily from 9 am to 3 pm and on Sunday’s and holidays from 9 am to 12 noon.

Swamp tour (2½ hrs + driving time)

New Orleans Swamp tour
Enjoy the beauty of the swamps and bayous by boat and make a swamp tour. As your boat drifts through the waterways, you will learn about the Louisiana Wetlands, the inhabitants of the swamp, particularly the life and habits of the American alligator.

There are several operators, and we suggest Cajun Pride Swamp tours. The captains are home grown in the Bayous of South Louisiana. With a lot of humour they share their knowledge about the swamp and the alligators.

It is a 40 minutes drive outside New Orleans. From New Orleans you have to take the I-10 West (towards Baton Rouge) to LaPlace Exit 209. There you turn right at the bottom of the ramp and drive for ½ mile to Cajun Pride Swamp tours.

This tour could be a good combination with a visit to a Plantation if you you’re your own transportation. If you don’t have a car yourself, they can pick you up at your hotel in New Orleans. Reservations can be made at their website.

Oak Alley Plantation (2 hrs + 2 hrs drive)

New Orleans Oak Alley
Outside Louisiana, on the banks of the Mississippi River were many rich plantations and of course you have to visit one of the majestic plantations. We think one of the most beautiful ones is Oak Alley Plantation, with their quarter-mile of 300 year old live oaks framing classic antebellum mansion.

There’s a guided tour through the mansion for 35 minutes and after that you are allowed to stroll around the plantation yourself. The admission is us$ 18. During the year they are open from 9:30 am to 4:30 or 5 pm. The only days they are closed are: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and mardi gras.

You definitely need a car to do this tour and it is a one-hour drive from New Orleans. A map with directions can be seen here. It could be a good combination with a Cajun Pride Swamp tour, as it is in the same direction.

Voodoo tour (2 hrs)

New Orleans Voodoo
Voodoo is a cultural form of the Afro-American religions, which developed within the African American population. It is great to do a walking voodoo tour at night. There are several operators, but beware of the fact some of the tours can be very corny.

Magic Tours is an operator that guarantees: No phony vampires, no rubber snakes, no drunken spooks in costumes, no quack para-psychologists and no wannabe voodoo priestesses. Just listen to Ghost stories, hear tales about vampires and learn about voodoo in New Orleans.

Tour departs nightly at 8:00 p.m. from 720 St. Louis Street (In front of K-Joe's Restaurant, between Royal and Bourbon Streets). The tour costs us$ 20 but it costs only us$ 15 when reserved online. Online reservations must be made 24 hours in advance of the tour.

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