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Depot, eatery and oyster bar (2 hrs)

Auckland Depot
One of the best restaurants in downtown Auckland is Depot. This place serves all kind of small dishes, finger food and plates to share, which we would describe as New Zealand tapas. And they really make beautiful creations. If you wanna see the latest menu, go to the website and download it there.

Depot is located at 86 Federal Street opposite Auckland Sky Tower. They have no reservations so you just have to go there and possibly wait for a table. But while waiting you can enjoy their great wine list. They are open every day from 7 am for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Karangahape road (2 hrs or 1 eve)

Auckland K-road
Karangahape road better known as k-road is one of the main streets in the central business district (CBD) of Auckland.

The street is known for its many bars, boutiques and restaurants. There are so many so for sure you will find your place for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you will definitely find a spot to booze at night.

Queen Street Shopping (2 hrs)

Auckland Queen Street
Queen Street is the major commercial thoroughfare in Auckland. This is the main place for shopping in the city. The street is three kilometres long but the shopping area is the part of the street in the CBD.

It is a shopping centre where you can find high rise building, department store, trendy shops, insurance company, commercial banks, ATM, pharmacy, souvenirs shops, restaurants, cafes, theatres and alongside the streets there are alleys with more shops and cafes.

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Language of the world

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