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Phillip's Foote, BBQ your own (2 hrs)

Sydney philips foote
If you don’t want a fancy restaurant anymore, but a beach BBQ is too much as well, go to Phillip’s Foote restaurant in the famous Rocks neighbourhood.

It looks like a bar when you pass by in George Street. And that's a good start, as you have to buy your drinks at the bar first and then go to the restaurant.
There you can select your prime Australian beef, chicken or fish and BBQ it yourself. At the char grill barbecue you become the chef and BBQ your meat or fish just as you want it. At the salad bar you can complement your meal with a wide variety of salads, vegetables, fresh bread rolls and hot potatoes.

The meat, including the salad bar is $31. Phillip’s Foote is located at 101 George Street, The Rocks. For bookings call: +61 2 9241 1485.

Kings Cross, the sleazier hangout (1 evening)

Sydney Kings Cross
A very nice neighbourhood to hang out during the night is Kings Cross. The area is a bit sleazier then Darling Harbour and other posh hangout spots. There are many bars, restaurants, clubs and shopping options. Friday and Saturday are the most popular nights.

You can go there by train to Kings Cross Station. From there you walk along Darlinghurst Road and other roads around to find your place for the night. It is a good place for bar hopping, but make sure you’re not to drunk, as the security guards have a very strict door policy.

Chinatown, the Asian food court (2 hrs)

Sydney Chinatown
As every big city in the world, of course Sydney has a Chinatown as well. The restaurants in this street do not only serve Chinese food, they cover other Asian cuisines as well, like Korean and Japanese.

Every Friday night is a special night, as there is an outside market with a lot of food stalls. It is great to experience that in just one street you can be in a completely different world.

The heart of Chinatown is Dixon Street. The nearest train stations are Town Hall and Central. Really close are Haymarket stations for monorail and light rail.

Something different: Oxford Street (1 evening)

Sydney Oxford Street
If you want to go out in less macho environment, go to the hetero-friendly Oxford Street. This is Sydney’s ultimate gay street with many shops, restaurants, bars and clubs.

In the old days Albury was located at Oxford Street. They had a drag show every night and this place was the inspiration for the gay movie: Priscilla, queen of the dessert. Albury doesn’t exist anymore, but the street is still queer as folk.

Real gay classics at Oxford Street are Stonewall Hotel and Midnight Shift for example. These places have drag shows at several occasions. So it’s a nice substitute for Albury.

St Paddy's Market (1-2 hrs)

Sydney stpaddys market
If you love markets, you have to go to St Paddy’s Market in the heart of the city. At this indoor market you will find about anything you could wish to find on a market; clothes, decorations, interior items, souvenirs and much more. There’s also a wonderful section with fresh foods.

St Paddy’s market is located downstairs in the building; so don’t mistake it for Market City upstairs, as this is a normal shopping mall. On the other hand, this is a good one as well, as there are a lot of outlet stores where you can get juicy bargains. Go to their website for opening hours.

The market is at Hay Street, next to Chinatown, so the directions are the same: the nearest train stations are Town Hall and Central. Really close are Haymarket station for light rail and Garden Plaza for monorail.

Queen Victoria Building (2 hrs)

Sydney QVB
One of the most beautiful buildings in the heart of the CBD in Sydney is without a doubt Queen Victoria Building. The Queen Victoria Building, now affectionately known as the QVB, was designed by George McRae and completed in 1898, replacing the original Sydney markets on the site.

In this building you will find a lot of shops, good for posh shopping and there are great places for lunch as well.

Queen Victoria Building is located at 455 George Street, but actually the QVB fills an entire city block bound by George, Market, York and Druitt Streets.
Town Hall is the nearest train station. You can check the exact opening hours here, but most of the shops are open between 9 am and 6 pm.

Darling Harbour (1 afternoon – 1 evening)

Sydney Darling Harbour
One of Sydney’s most favourite destinations for entertainment and leisure is Darling Harbour, in the CBD. In this area you will find Darling Quarter and Cockle Bay for example. There you will find many restaurants, bars and entertainment. During the day it is a great destination for families, as you can visit the Sydney Aquarium, IMAX theatre and the Maritime Museum for example. At night it is a great place to go for dinner or have a couple of drinks.

Take the train to Town Hall Station and exit south into Bathurst Street. A short downhill walk on Bathurst Street will take you directly to the new Darling Quarter, Tumbalong Park and the Sydney Visitor Centre.

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