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Mangrove kayaking (½ day)

Bonaire mangrove
On Bonaire you can visit a unique ecosystem, the mangrove forest of Lac Bay, by kayak. This tour is a perfect combination of enjoying the nature and a great activity.

Mangrove forests have an important function in our ecosystem as natural coastal protection; the extended root systems of every mangrove tree are a nursery. Last but not least, mangroves produce a lot of organic material to feed the reefs next door.

Starting from the Mangrove info centre they organise two different tours. A 1 hour tour by solar boat for $27 or a 2 hour kayak tour including snorkelling for $46. There are tours in the morning and the afternoon. Check the exact schedule at their website. Bookings can be made by phone +599 780 5353, by e-mail or online.

The Mangrove Info Center is located at Kaminda Lac 140. Directions can be found at their website.

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire (2 hrs)

Bonaire donkeys
Donkeys have been living on Bonaire for hundreds of years. The animals were originally brought over by the Spaniards in the 17th century and used to perform hard labour. Once modern transport made these animals superfluous to requirements they were left to their lot.

Since 1993 there is a donkey sanctuary on the island for sick, wounded and orphaned donkeys: Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire. At this moment there are more than 400 donkeys living in the sanctuary.

The primary objective of Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire is to offer a sheltered, protected life to all the donkeys of Bonaire. Our information about the lives and experiences of donkeys is also raising awareness amongst the local community, schools and tourists. The sanctuary is open for visitors daily from 10.00 am until 5.00 pm. The entrance fee is US$ 7 for adults. Directions can be found at their website.

Learn underwater photography (½ -3 days)

Bonaire Fisheye
Of course Bonaire is a real diver’s paradise. And it’s great to capture the beautiful marine life you see during your dives. So why not learn how to do this in a professional way? Fish-Eye Photo offers courses for divers that start from $95. A course can be a half-day up to three days.

Fish-Eye Photo is located at Kaya Gob. N. Debrot 77b. For more information about the courses, camera rental or contact information, visit their website.

Aerial sightseeing flights (1 hr)

Bonaire aero
Most people will arrive on Bonaire by plane. And the island looks beautiful by plane. Unfortunately you never get the chance to make those really beautiful pictures as you are on the wrong side of the plane, don’t have a window seat or it’s just dark. So a great second chance is to make a sightseeing flight with Bonaero Club Bonaire.

On this one-hour f trip they take you around the island. Get a beautiful overview of the biggest solar salt works in the hemisphere. See the slave huts from the air. Enjoy a spectacular view of Lac Bay and the mangroves. See the waves breaking on the eastside, the deserted lighthouses and the beautiful hills of Washington Slagbaai National Park.

Tours start at $250. For a detailed pricelist and contact details go to their website.

Rent something on wheels (1 day)

Bonaire wheels
A great way to discover the island of Bonaire is by… something on wheels. That could be a bicycle, a scooter or a car. We prefer a scooter. For a bicycle it’s too hot on the island and a scooter is very easy and enough, as the island is not very big.

You can drive around the island and the whole island around is 78 km, without stops you can do this in three hours. You can see the salt works, the slave huts, Lac Bay, the deserted lighthouses and the beautiful hills of Washington Slagbaai National Park.

There are several companies where you can rent your wheels. Rent to Fun for example. Another good one is Macho Scooter Rental, which is located in the lobby of Plaza Hotel.

Aquaspace glass bottom boat (3 hrs)

Bonaire aquaspace1
The Aquaspace is a trimaran, which originally served as a centre for marine-biology studies. But that’s all in the past: now the Aquaspace sails around the island of Bonaire, showing off the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea and its underwater world to tourists.

Bonaire aquaspace2
The ship is known for its spectacular underwater air conditioned observation deck that is 90 percent made of glass, allowing you to get an up close look at the underwater world in a cool room without actually having to go into the water yourself.

The Aquaspace runs several snorkelling trips and sailing trips. Trips start at $35 per person. For a list of all options and prices check their website.

Learn kiteboarding (1-? days)

Bonaire kiteboarding
Besides scuba diving there’s another really nice activity on Bonaire: kiteboarding. So why not learn kite boarding at one of the world’s best spots. The year-round steady tradewinds, warm water and easygoing atmosphere make Bonaire the perfect kiteboarding destination.

There are several schools at Atlantis Beach where you can learn how to do this. Bonaire Kite School is one.

Another one is Kiteboarding Bonaire. Since 2002 they provide kitesurfing lessons for all levels, top quality rental equipment and a full time rescue service.

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