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Colloseo by night (1 hr)

Rome 1
One of Rome’s most impressive landmarks is the Colosseum or Il Colloseo as it is called in Italian. Emperor Vespasian, founder of the Flavian Dynasty, started construction of the Colosseum in AD 72. It was completed in AD 80, the year after Vespasian's death. The monumental structure has fallen into ruins, but even today it is an imposing and beautiful sight.
During daytime you can make a tour inside the Colosseum for 9 euro, but the best view on the building is from the outside. That’s why it’s a good option to go there at night.
The site is less crowded at night and the structure is beautifully illuminated. For sure during nighttime you will have wonderful picturesque moments. Next to the Colloseum is the Arch of Constantine, which is wonderful at night as well. If you need it for your camera, there are many salesmen who sell small tripods around the site. Or you can use a fence or waste bin to keep your camera steady.

Vintage Vespa tour (3 hrs)

Rome 2
Actually the best way to see the old centre of Rome is by foot. But you can do it as well by a very Italian means of transport, a Vespa scooter. Without a doubt this is the most famous scooter in the world and riding this vintage thing in Rome makes you feel being a true Roman.
You can make a four hour guided tour through Rome. You can drive yourself or drive as a passenger. Travelling at no more than 30 kilometres per hour, you will be exposed to narrow streets; immense squares and you will make a stop at a true Italian coffee place.
You can reserve your tour 24 hours in advance on the website of Bici & Baci. They also have tours with another true Italian icon: a vintage Fiat 500. And that means really the vintage one, so not the modern Fiat 500, which you see at every street corner in Rome.
Tours start at Via Viminale 5, just behind Piazza della Repubblica, in walking distance from Stazione Termini. They’re open daily from 8 am to 7 pm. Guided tours roughly start at 10 am, 3 pm and 7 pm.
Prices are quite high. They vary from 100 to 150 Euro per person, dependent on if you want to drive yourself or need a driver. If you like to make your own tour and rent only a bicycle or normal scooter, you can go to the same company.

Testaccio entertainment (1 eve)

The area Testaccio-Ostiense is a neighbourhood with many bars, restaurants and clubs. A lot of interesting places to go to, from bars to late night discos can be found here. These clubs are frequented both by students and over 30 Italians and foreigners in search for good music, famous DJ’s and dancing.
Most of the nightclubs are situated in Via di Monte Testaccio and around the corner in Via Galvani. Many of them are organized as restaurants, after-dinner bars and dancing–disco–clubs. We can mention some places, but the best way is: just go there and select your place or places for the night.
The area is nearby Ostiense Station, so you can go there by metro line B to Ostiense. But of course late night you’ll have to take a taxi. That can sometimes be a struggle so be prepared for a taxi fight or pay the driver some extra.

Vatican, to the dome (1/2 day)

Rome 4
The amazing thing in Rome is that you can visit another country inside the city, the Vatican.
You can visit the Basilica of Saint Peter, the Vatican museum including the Sistine Chapel, but another great thing to do is climb the dome of the Saint Peter. This dome is a work of Michelangelo and it’s beautiful, both from the inside and the outside.
If you enter the Vatican you walk to the entrance of the Saint Peter. On the right hand side is a queue for the climb to the top. You can choose to do the first part of the climb by elevator, which makes your waiting time longer, or you can choose to walk all the way up. The last part you have to climb anyway.
The difference is 320 steps or 521 steps. After the first climb you have a great view inside the dome. Then you follow your tour. You will experience some very narrow and steep stairs, but once at the top, the view on the Vatican and Rome is absolutely stunning. A ticket without elevator is only five Euro. The entrance to the Vatican is free.
If you like to see what the rest of the Saint Peter looks like, they have a wonderful virtual tour.

Delicatesses Castroni (1 hr)

If you need a shop where you can find al Italian ‘delicatesses’, delicacies, under one roof, you’ll have to go to Delicatesses Castroni.
Castroni, which was the indisputable pioneer of international delicatessen trade in Italy, boasts now 50 years of experience and has definitively conquered its customers' confidence as a result of its unbreakable research of the highest quality. The company was founded in Rome in 1932. Castroni specialises in the roasting and blending of the finest coffees and markets Italian and foreign delicacies.
In the shops you can drink a great cup of coffee, some shops have a wonderful place where you can eat as well and all shop sell the most wonderful delicacies, wines and liquors. There are many shops in the centre of Rome. At this website you will find all the addresses.

Great local restaurants (2 hrs)

Rome 5
One of the most wonderful squares is Rome is Piazza Navona. It is a significant example of Baroque Roman architecture and art. It features sculptural and architectural creations: in the centre stands the famous Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi or Fountain of the Four Rivers. Around the fountain you will find many artists selling their paintings.
The Piazza Navona is a great place to go for lunch or dinner. The square is surrounded with many restaurants and bars, but these are the tourist places and can be a bit expensive.
If you like to go to one of the tiny local places, you’ll have to walk into one of the small streets around the square like Via di S.Agnese in Angone or Via del Governo Vecchio. Also in the streets around the Trevi Fountains you will find a lot of small bars and restaurants, in Via San Vincenzo and other small streets.
Order the typical Italian ‘Antipasti’, some wonderful cold cuts and cheese with bread. Have a real Italian crispy pizza or delicious pasta accompanied by a great Italian wine. In the mentioned streets you will find many affordable and great restaurants where you can have all that.

Rickshaw rent in Villa Borghese Park (3 hrs)

Rome 6
If you had enough of the narrow streets and crowded old city centre, you can go to Villa Borghese and hang out in the wonderful park.
You go to the park by Metro line A to Flaminio. From the metro station you walk to Piazza del Popolo. That’s a great place as well. From there you walk up to the park and you’ll have a great view on the city.
In the park are many activities. You can just walk around, but the park is large. You can rent a lot of moving things in the park; a bicycle, Segway, kart, electric golf cart or a rowing boat. But the nicest is a rickshaw you have to drive yourself.
These funny four-wheeled bikes have a help engine and give you a great opportunity to drive around. You can rent them at two places in the park, but the easiest to find is just behind Pincio, when you climb up from Piazza del Popolo.
The rent is 20 euro per hour for a rickshaw for four persons and 10 euro per hour for a two-seater. You need an ID-card to leave behind as a deposit.

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