IFLY theworld.com

About IFLYtheworld.com

The crew members of IFLYtheworld.com travel the world. They know the best spots in the world and how to get there. Now they like to share their knowledge to the rest of the world.

This site is not meant as a substitute to other travel sites like Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor, it is an extra platform. IFLYtheworld.com gives a selection of the best tips, illustrated with pictures, stories, movies and more.

Who is IFLYtheworld.com

IFLYtheworld.com is a project of Blue Pig Productions. The travel movies are produced by bluepig.nl media productions. These companies are owned by two Dutch flight attendants. Flight attendant Diederik Swart is editor-in-chief of IFLYtheworld.com.

The editors of IFLYtheworld.com are the ‘HUB’ for all contributing crew members who are always travelling the world, hunting for new travel tips.

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